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Emergency Drains

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This story begins with me being a little clumsy.

I had to go to the toilet, as every human being must do at least once in their lifetime (fun fact of the day). I flushed the toilet and walked to the water basin to wash my hands, not realising my wedding ring was missing from my finger. I noticed something was missing as I was washing my hands…

As you may expect, I freaked out since the ring that was once on my finger was no longer there. I knew where my ring had gone, so I quickly looked for a plumber who could come and maybe recover my lost ring.

This was an emergency, and the time was 9:30 p.m., so I had to find a plumber who was open late and would come out right away. I came across Emergency Drains on the first page of Google and chose to call them because of their 24-hour emergency service.

They answered almost immediately and gave me the go-ahead to come help me out. They arrived within an hour and spoke with me about the matter. They promptly began working on attempting to recover my ring after shedding some light on what occurred.

After about an hour, the plumber came to me and gave me the bad news…

The ring had been lost.

They claimed to have utilised a CCTV drain camera to look for the ring, which they were unable to locate, but they discovered something even worse…

My drain pipe had a tree root growing through it, according to the plumber. I had no idea it was possible, yet it appears to be rather common. The Emergency Drains plumber warned me that if I hadn’t phoned, the tree root problem would have gotten considerably worse.

Fortunately, I called them when I did because the pipe repair would have cost me thousands of dollars more if I hadn’t.

They informed me that pipe relining would be the cheapest and most efficient means of eliminating the tree roots and making my pipes as good as new after identifying the pipe problem.

The image below shows how pipe relining works in its simplest form.

Pipe Relining

After removing debris from the pipes with a high-pressure water jetter, a custom section of epoxy resin liner is installed and inflated to cover all cracks and gaps.

In conclusion, while I did lose a costly ring, I saved thousands of dollars after discovering a major problem with my plumbing, and I’m grateful to the guys at Emergency Drains for their prompt response and great service.

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