Localising Date Time display in ASP.NET and Javascript

asp.net    javascript
Display localised time on your webpages.

Encoding email links in Sitecore

asp.net    cms    sitecore
An email address encoding/encrypting solution for Sitecore CMS

Parallelizing image requests in ASP.NET for Kentico CMS using Response Filters

asp.net    kentico
Using multiple domains for static files and images is recommended method to dramatically decrease your page load time. Browsers have a limited number of concurrent connections. The trick here is creating using multiple domain names for our images. Here's how I did it with Kentico and a Response Filter

Using Google Chrome Frame with Sitecore CMS

Chrome Frame allows old none HTML5 browsers to still use your HTML5 site.

Weightlifters diary day #1233049

body building    weight training
Yep. I'm back smashing the iron and scaring the little folk.

Saturday Skip Barber Practice at Road Atlanta

iRacing    simracing    skip barber
Getting much faster in the Skippy at Atlanta

My social media pruning rules

So called 'vanity' friends are lame. Here's how I 'keep it real'