Feb 17 2017

Working from Home: 4 months later


I started working from home in October 2016, realising a long term goal of mine. Some find it hard to stay motivated (and fully clothed). How am I going?

Nov 16 2016

Why programmers are different

Do you have a significant other or family member who is a programmer? Ever wonder why they may seem odd. It's linguistics.

Oct 22 2016

Agile for One: Week 1

I've just started working from home, not as an employee but on a project I have equity in and being paid as a consultant. It's always been a goal of mine to do this, so here goes...

Jan 27 2016

The future of private transport - publicly owned vehicles


Autonomous vehicles are almost here. They're being field tested and most experts expect production release to consumers before 2020. What will the future of private transport look like when autonomous vehicles are introduced?

Jan 22 2016

Writting better acceptance criteria


Clear acceptance criteria helps get it done right the first time. Talk your sto

Jan 21 2016

Mistakes in Agile


I'm not sure if this will be a series or a one off rant I just keep adding to for the rest of my life; regardless, here is something I'm experiencing right now in the fragile team I'm working in.

Oct 22 2015

What is Digital?

A few years ago I started hearing this term ‘Digital’ being thrown around. I’d hear it a lot from recruiters and see it in their ads ‘Do you want to work in Digital?’. It had me stumped because I had no idea what working in Digital actually involved. Now I think "Digital" is a whole lot more complex than what we're calling Digital Agencies.

Oct 22 2015

My battle with Achalasia... so far

It's a hard disease to swallow. This is my story of my battle with achalasia, from initial symptoms 3 years ago to surgery last week.

Jul 12 2014

Why you need good requirements

pre-sales    project management    projects    requirements

Clearly defined requirements are essential to the success of any good software project. Both clients and developers alike benefit from well elaborate solution definition. Here's why.

Mar 12 2014

King of the gym

body building

Never done 1RM before but my Gym now has a weights records board up so I had to try and get on it.